Monday, July 27, 2009

No Words

If you don't already know, Symone remembers details big and small about most everything and everybody...what someone wore, a single word someone said, where things were in someone's house, etc.

Today, Symone remembered something that I'm sure was spoken once, very plainly and innocently, but it stuck with her.

<--- parent's house
After church, we went to my parent's house for Sunday dinner (and comic relief) *surprise, surprise*

When we got there, my mama asked Symone, "What did ya'll do in church today?". Symone's response, "Nothing.".

About 5 hrs. (and Sunday dinner) later, while Symone was sneaking sips of my sweet tea, she said, "Mommy, say this.

May the Lord bless You
And protect You,
And smile on You.
Be gracious to You
May He show you favor
And peace.
Amen. "

Yes! She said all that, pausing after each line so I could repeat!

I love Grace Outreach Center. Not the Baptist church I grew up in, but it is serving my grown-up worship needs and, more importantly, Symone's.

Was on the fence about, I made up my mind.

As for Symone, my darling child -- there are no words.


Leslie said...

Do you go there because it's close to IKEA? :-)

L.Duncan said...

Symone is so cute! I wanted a girl, but... I ended up with three boys!

Living With Lindsay said...

Oh, that's so sweet! Children really do remember everything, don't they?