Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inspiration Room - Home Office/Guest Room

I have been planning to setup my home office, but also need a guest room since I dedicated the third bedroom for Symone's play room.

This is my inspiration room...disclaimer - in a grown folks way, not this way. Think colors, not layout.

Here's where I am today.

  • Got a free twin Memory foam mattress via an employee "free-cycle" process at work.

  • Antique desk from resale. See this post.

  • Just ordered this for bedding

More to come...have to have this done by TX-OU weekend (Oct. 17th) -- pray for me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Copy Cat Topiary (Almost)

Been a while since last post. Saw Annette's and Shine's recent work and got rejuvenated.
Annette created the most amazing pumpkin topiaries. So here's my tabletop copy cat (done w/ my level of talent so don't get hype).
Before (small tabletop centerpiece):

After (three twig? pumpkins from $1 bins at Target, w/ pics from $1 fall foliage from Dollar Tree)

Not bad, huh? Check me out @ Kimba' DIY day and Twice Remembered.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lamp Dilemma

Got this from resale for $6.99 last week (it was brand new).

Thinking of spray painting to look something like this.

After this, mess...rethinking spray ever painting again.

Today's Resale Finds - Questions


Found these...will use to do my own interpretation of Mantle inspiration and this.
$2.99 for large and .99 & 1.99 for straight ones. Jackpot!

Saw, but didn't buy:

I think the candle holders will cute spray painted and used for Christmas decorations...you know, like little horns? No?

I even like the little duck salt and pepper shakers.

Lamp: $8.99 - I love that is nice and tall. With a new shade, a tassel and spray paint, may be nice add to table next to my bed.

Questions: What do you think? Potential? Should I go back and

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

(Not My)Pleasure Principle

What about this Craig's title was not clear?
Black TV stand - Great condition - $35

When a lady (an older lady, mind you) came to pick it up, she handed me $30 and looked me square in the face. Of course, I punked out. Looked down at money, looked up at her -- looking at ME like I'm Willy Foo-Foo -- then let it go. Had she been my age or younger, I would like to think I would have politely reminded her that it was listed in the post for $35.

I made that mistake once (when I met Shine and bought her chairs), but called from the car as soon as I realized and turned around and gave the difference.

Next time, I will remind of the price when they arrive. It was just $5, but it's the principle of the matter...right?

Question: What do you do when someone DELIBERATELY gives you less than you are asking?

Mantle inspiration...

I LOVE this mantle...is my new inspiration area. Hitting resale today to get hurricane vases I saw yesterday and candle holders. Check out post here...http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/2009/09/creating-warm-fall-glow.html

Monday, September 14, 2009

Laundry Room Makeover - I hate to wash!

I got inspired by a laundry room DIY makeover on somebody's blog . I really should have remembered so I could put a link her...next time, right? Anyway, I hate washing (and folding) so thought I'd give it a try to see if it would entice me to WANT to do laundry.
UPDATE (9/15): Found it! Thanks, Blog Sis
Here we go...

Before (I'm so embarrassed):

After (with unused items from other rooms/closets):

$1 mirror from garage sale; baskets used to hold diapers when Symone was a baby; red rose topiaries from Bombay from 4 yrs ago just because; a half-*ssed wedding gift from 4 yrs ago(painting); Marble top end table given to me by my Aunt Bonnie; red christmas candle with snow man turned in; gold plated vase given to me in India; bottle of my grandmother's perfume

NOW -- I want to wash , but have no detergent *sigh* I can find ANY excuse!

Guess I'll have to hide the basket until I get some.

Pretty Pumpkins

With all the rain, I had to find EXTRA craft projects for Symone this week. Bought small pumpkins for her to paint.

I got the "stop taking my picture look."

Used trash bags to protect table...When they dry, used again to take out trash, but I accidentally deleted pics.

Finished products:

My little bohemian.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mantle Mess (Dilemma)

I'm linking up to Amanda's Dilemma Party to get help on my mantle. Not sure what to do...think not using enough shapes or wall is not right color...not sure WHAT to do. Suggestions?

Old School

I know I said I'd slow down on thrifting until I start and finish some projects, but my baby wanted to know if the desk I just bought was for her. It's kinda like when you fix your child a plate of food then fix yours...they want to eat from your plate even though they have their own. (it always comes back to food for me LOL). Anyway, I told her we could share, but knew it was time to get her own. Blog Sis is giving her a vanity, but when I found this, couldn't resist.

I was very happy to come across an "old school" school desk that will be perfect for her to grow into. It is already a cute turquoise blue. Plan to paint to wood purple (of course) and stencil on flowers (or butterflies, even!).

Best part...it was priced at $29.99 but I talked them down to $19.99. My first successful negotiation! Shine and Savvy would be proud.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thift Store Finds

Blog Sis and I went thrift store shopping today and cleaned up. Found some great items that, with a little elbow grease and creativity, should make amazing pieces.

I think I'll cool it on the shopping for a while. Have plenty of projects in the hopper now.

  • Here's what we found - Price (intent):

Beautiful solid wood antique desk - $19.99 (home office)

Carved wood chair - $4.99 (desk chair)

Solid wood buffet by Basset Furniture -- lovely detail (entry way) - $75

Hope to have updates soon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a Small (Blog) World...

I had the best blogging day today. I found some great chairs on Craigslist. I emailed the owner and very quickly arranged for me (and my blog sister) to come see them.

When we arrived, just a few blocks from my house, we immediately noticed the garage was faux finished to look like wood grain and the wreath on the door looked custom made. Blog Sis looked at me and said "Somebody is just like us." and we had a quick laugh.

When the seller opened the door, after I noticed the beautiful chairs, I looked up into the most beautiful and cozy, classy home I'd been seen in Frisco. That's when Martha Stewart, i.e. Blog Sis, looked at the owner and said..."Do you have a blog?".

She hesitantly said, "Yes." "Let it Shine?", asked Blog Sis. "Yes!" The rest is history. Not only was she Shine, but she had posted comments on both our blogs! It was like new friends who were old friends. We started comparing ideas (okay, I was being nosy). Her mom (the sweetest lady ever) started showing us around to see all of the blogger's awesome projects. Her daughter even gave Symone a sucker, which made them blood relatives.

I won't go on, but it was really cool to connect with someone who is nice and shares and interest. I am hopeful that we will all stay connected via our blogs and I hope to buy more of Shine's hand-me-downs :) Her house is AMAZING!

BTW -- I am SO out of my league with them, but they can be my mentors (Blog Sis already was, but she didn't know it).