Friday, August 28, 2009

The Chair - Update

I finally found some fabric I love and resumed work on the chair.

Covered pad and bottom w/ batting:

Then nailed fabric on.

Next steps -- nail head trim and MAYBE cover the sides?

What do you think? Cover sides or keep caning?

Cool fact:

Went by an estate sale this morning and saw an antique chair pretty similar listed for $185! Not bad for $14.99 for chair and $20 for fabric, huh?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cute Kills - Short Story

Yesterday at the airport in NC, I thought I was too cute in my white capris. I walked slowly through the security equipment, crossing the threshold with my usual smug look of "toldja I was clean", when Ole Otis from Martin comes up to me talking about "Please step into the chamber right there."

I was like "whatever, Gramps", but complied nonetheless. Raised my arms...machine took a picture. Turned the other way...machine took a picture. Finally, Ole Otis puts his hand to his earpiece, then looks at me and says "Do you have something on around your waist?".

I spoke, quietly, "'s a shaper." Of course, because he's 112 years old, he says "Say what?!". So I whisper, "I have on a girdle."

This fool yells into his mic, "She clean...SHE GOT ON A GIRDLE!". I liked to fell out for dead!!!

Next, Big Boned Brenda had to pat me down. Upon finishing the pat down, perhaps sensing my humiliation and defeat, BBB says "You doing right...keep wearing it or your stomach will look like mine."

LMAO, but still trying to figure out how the damn machine detected my Spanx. Cute kills.

My Living Room - update

Not sure if I can call it an update if I've never posted on it, but here goes.
Still working on it...what I've added so far:
  • Rug (Target - Reg. $199, paid ~$129 after gift card and Annette's b-friend's discount)
  • Ottomans? (ottomen?LMAO) ($25 ea. Garden Ridge)
  • Pillows (Kohl's clearance - orig. $25; paid $9.99)
  • End table from bedroom ($99 at tent sale from local furniture store last fall)
  • Lamp (markdown from Lowe's; orig. $50, paid $12.50)
  • No sew panels (fabric remnants ~$15; upholstery tacks and curtain rings $4)
  • Paint (have 3 1/4 of 5 walls painted; 3 - a light green, 1/4 - a tannish gold; think will go w/ gold)

Still need/want/praying on -- different panels (not feeling), wall accesories, chairs (want to get rid of recliner), nice tv stand (and possibly flat screen TV)


Currently (but not finished):

Thrift/bargain Purchases's been a while. As is my MO, I have started and stopped about five different projects since starting the chair.

Since I opened my mouth on facebook and revealed I have a blog(not to mention endless empty promises to Anne) , taking it as a challenge to get back on my game.

Below are my most recent purchases (most found at local resale store)...stay tuned for updates (taking one thing at a time).

  • Dresser - $24.99 (Symone's room; will sand and repaint top and sides white & change out knobs)

  • Table: $29.99 (in pretty good shape; will probably just use Old English scratch cover and tighten legs)

  • Chairs ($30/ea. from Craigslist -- really like, but kind of vintage so smaller in size; may not keep)

  • Random end table ($14.99; will sand and re-stain; use in either study/guest room or bedroom)