Saturday, October 31, 2009

To-Do List - Update

Symone and I had a glorious day. She "read" a book this morning (part from memory but a LOT from learning small sight words). I'm SO proud. Kindergarten will NOT be ready for her next year!

The weather was beautiful. We ran errands and did lots around the house.

BUT, the real question I making progress on my To-Do list?

My weekend To-Do List (update):

1. Paint and distress at least ONE dining room chairs - one coat applied and I like the way it looks *do you see my baby striking a pose in the background?*

2. Finish rubbing on stick-on saying on foyer wall. - *eye roll*
3. Finish painting home office and post pics. - *hmmph*
4. Finish foyer and post pics. - finalized accessories
5. Buy Halloween candy before it gets dark tomorrow LOL - done

What else did I do:
  • Found cute accessories at resale - #4 on wish list

  • Picked up Symone's clay painting project from overpriced arts and crafts place

  • Returned (FedEx'd) fabric purchased online

  • Cleaned out garage while supervising Symone carving a pumpkin by HERSELF- got storage bins on clearance at Tar-zhey.

  • Took neighbor's patio chairs she put in alley for someone to pick-up (well, they got picked up LOL...I sound like ThriftyDecorChick! )

  • Decorated doorway for Halloween (including Michael Jackson pumpkin)
*Symone's preschool teacher gave us the MJ pump*

  • Went over my neighbor's (also an OU grad) to compare houses (our floor plans are very different we discovered).

  • Washed two loads of clothes (but didn't fold a sock!)

  • Fixed Symone a snack (just a fresh plate - carrots, grapes, cantelope)

  • Found a make-shift costume for me (College Bride - I couldn't find the cap to match my gown) and took Symone trick-or-treating for her first time (she didn't realize how much candy she'd get!)

So what if I didn't get to #2 & #3! I took Monday off just in case. Don't hate the player... LOVE the game :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, No She Di-int!

Since Annette called me out yesterday about always saying something needs to be distressing, but having never distressed ANYTHING...I have put on my game face.

My weekend To-Do List:

  1. Paint and distress at least ONE dining room chairs
  2. Finish rubbing on stick-on saying on foyer wall.
  3. Finish painting home office and post pics.
  4. Finish foyer and post pics.
  5. Buy Halloween candy before it gets dark tomorrow LOL

Wish list:

  1. Decide on how to finish latest unfinished project.
  2. Go to fabric store and make final selections for couch.
  3. Add fabric to curtains in Symone's play room.
  4. Hit up resale stores for accessories.
  5. Find curtains/fabric for office.
  6. Find a blog background that really reflects my style (tongue in cheek).
  7. Schedule blog post for any progress I make...I pray for progress!
  8. CLEAN UP! (last on list, of course).

Will I deliver?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Latest Unfinished Project

Remember the big buffet I bought during that 3 week phase when I was about to lose my job because I was loitering at resale stores.

Annette (my partner in crime) found some good stuff, too.

Okay, it hit me when I got it is big as HELL! So I've waited to see if I want to keep. Think I will now that redid foyer (post coming soon).

The Plan...darken (or lighten)and change out knobs (or at least redo the original ones). Truth be told -- I don't know WHAT to do!

Check out my inspiration pieces. I am naturally drawn to dark wood, but am open.

Here are a few pics from Paloma's blog - see the pieces in the background

  • I like the black look of this one and the use of the pic right above it.

  • This one is nice, too, but not sure I love it.

  • I'm drawn to the distressed white, but am afraid to do it on such a large piece.

  • I like this one too...looks like something is stenciled on front.

Next steps - find the right product and go w/ it. Thinking of the glaze the the Shanty Chics love. They use on EVERYTHING but also paint everything Heirloom White.

Any suggestions?

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Weigh" In...

As you may remember, a few weeks ago, Symone and I were sick. Somehow, between now and then, I have lost some weight.

I am ALWAYS trying to lose weight and found it interesting that I have lost weight given I have never lost my appetite.

My Journey:
I took inventoryof my habits and realized two things:
  1. I have been eating more yogurt (to counteract the antibiotics for my ear infection).

  2. I have been drinking peppermint tea* daily.
When I did Weight Watchers, I always lost good when I got in my milk servings (always with yogurt since I don't drink milk). Also, in college, one of my sorors' mother turned me on to iced peppermint tea on a hot summer day, but I usually drink it hot now.

I'm not sure this is what is triggering the steady weigh loss, but the bottom line is...I'm a little slimmer, my clothes are fitting better, and think I'm fine! LMAO

Your Journey:
So, the question for you is...what do YOU do (consciously or unconsciously) to help maintain body, health and well being? What works for you? Please share.

Random pic of Symone in her OU Cheerleader outfit from last weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DIY Spotlight

I want to introduce a new blog buddy I recently found...Dayka. She seems very much like many of us..."Dirty thirty-ish" and has recently fallen under the DIY/Blogging bug.

Check out her most recent DIY project...I think she did a great job.

BTW - she also has a post showing a tour of Kim's house from Real Housewives of ATL. Hey! "Don't Be Tardy For The Party"!

Welcome to the Fam, Dayka!

Dining Room Update

Remember my empty living room pic I used to have at the top of the blog?

I am working on this space this weekend and thought it could use an update. Have more pics on Annette's camera to upload this weekend on the rest of the house.

Here's an update:
1. Table purchased ($29.99)

2. Silk Curtains from previous home - they are hanging a crooked mess*...working on that this weekend. (From Z. Gallerie about 5 yrs ago)

*just pulled those suckers down...will post replacements soon)

3. Chairs purchased ($60.00 for all 4, one side arm, 3 reg.) - recovered one w/ some left over fabric.

Will recover and edge w/ nail head eventually when I find some fabric I love.

4. Using entry way table as side bar ($99 from local furniture store tent sale, reg. ~$400)

5. Scones from Bombay for previous house. Not sure if will use these, but thinking they could be used instead of lamps. Looking for a nice mirror to hang over table.

6. Antique Silver pieces from estate sale ($30)

Still need to accessorize, but it's coming along, huh?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inspiration/Research Photos

L. Duncan's comment on my last post got me weighing the option of using something bolder on the couch (translation for me: Red)...however, I would still love to see if I can make something beautiful using the fabric I ordered on clearance online.

My (original) logic:
My thought is go with a neutral that I can move around or use in the future, rather than something I may get tired of and have to pay another $500+ to reupholster within the next year or two.

Sooooo, I did some research on mixed fabrics on similar shapes couches (should I be using the word sofa instead of couch? I could say divan like my grandparents, huh? LOL). I threw in some all red ones for good measure.

All are from Neiman's website ranging from $3299 to $7999 -- yes, thousands! My
$74.99 sounds real good right now, huh?

Check them out and weigh in. (BTW, my favorite mix of fabrics is on the green striped couch/sofa/divan)

(This one was the only one less than $2K - really a settee)

What do you think? Can I make this work or should I go red? Thanks!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Couch update

Remember the beautiful French Provencial couch I bought at local resale for $74.99? Well, GetItGirl recommended the place that did her couch. They picked it up for me and NOW it's time for fabric.

Because my first order is to keep the budget down, yet maintain quality (sounds like a slogan, huh?), I have been looking for fabric online. Annette made me order swatches first and my first choice got sold out :( Some Martha Stewart she is... *stink eye*

Going for something neutral...Here's what I found - let me know what you think: All $4.49/yd

Thinking of the striped pattern where the floral was on the couch and the tan or the one of far right on back and sides where solid green fabric was.

SO...what do you think?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boomer Sooner

This weekend is this big game (tx-OU). OU is the under-dog and we're looking for the upset.

Planning on kicking it w/ alumni, but got in mommy time w/ Symone yesterday because that's the rule: Symone time before Mommy's Grown Folks time.

Enjoy pics of me and Symone from the fair!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

WOW! It's been almost 3 wks since my last post. Thanks to L. Duncan for the nudge to get back on the blog scene.

Here's a quick update...Symone and I were sick w/ "flu-like" symptoms for a whole week. But that didn't keep me from resale shopping.

Also, went to see Maxwell (and Common) Monday night...extreme sexiness going on at that concert. I wore green eye shadow for Maxwell and he didn't even notice ;(

I also started on home/office and it is coming along fabulously, if I do say so myself. Big thanks to Annette for her invaluable (translation: free) consultation services. Will post soon.

Here are a few things I've bought on Craig's, at resales or garage sales (have more but need to take pics):

  1. 5 piece Patio set - ($25 bucks; Annette doesn't see my vision on this one. I'm going to make this so HOT Annette will be asking (no BEGGING) me to have her over to sit outside and have drinks)
  2. Desk - $5 [garage sale] (that's right, FIVE DOLLAR - from a neighbor of a friend; Also, bought the little night stand next to it for $5 out of guilt)
  3. Couch - $74.99 [CCA resale] (high quality coach w/ beautiful wooden legs; Got referred to upholstery place by GetItGirl; Currently deciding on fabric)

Also check out Annette's latest bargain find of the week from same place I found the couch.

Will post more updates this weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Office Re-Inspiration

Okay, my post on my home office/guest room is causing confusion. The colors are a little intense for some to grab -- they don't feel my vision :)

I found a pic that more closely matches my vision - would love your feedback?