Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Have A Vision -- not really

You know I struggle with decor vision. I rely on inspiration from others (like here or here or here). The source of my pain is I am trying new colors this year instead of my regular reds and golds - silver, turquoise and, now, gold.

Can you help a (blog) sister out (CLICK ON PICS to enlarge?
I am uploading a couple of pics of areas I'm struggling with. Let me know what you think. Suggestions are welcome (help, even more welcome).
Most of what I used was purchased at Hobby Lobby at 90% off last Jan. or at the Dollar Tree this year.

1. Entryway table- put ornaments on a 12 votive candle holder, surrounded by silver ivy garland and "gift boxes" Wreath - white birds from Dollar tree and silver poinsetta leaves and other pics from HL

Dilemma(s) - how do I hide the cord from the wreath? Think it needs some height? Thoughts?

2. Mantle - have Martha knock-off hung (which is fab in person), but since using gold and silver with turquoise, I'm struggling to balance the mantle.

Dilemma(s) - Still need to hang stockings, but don't have silver or gold...struggling with color. I'm too embarrased to show the sad, little fireplace.

I started to buy some wood today to do this -- penguins are definitely on the resale shopping list :)

3. Tree - no explanation necessary -- it looks like the Charlie Brown tree (w/ one little turquoise ornament LOL)
I saw an HGTV special last year where they flattened the branches into shelves, and sat ornaments in the middle to make it look full. Have Googled for that video or instructions, but to no avail. Working on it tomorrow based on what I remember *pray for me*

Seriously, I miss my red and gold, but proud to be testing new waters (is that the right saying?)...stay tuned to see how it unfolds and PLEASE share your thoughts and ideas (it's already December!).
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Dayka said...

I love when wood is stacked in the fireplace--it looks so "finished" to me. I don't know anything about the cord on the wreath, because I don't light the wreaths in my house for that reason. I could never figure out where the cord would go . . .
And I think you're going in the right direction, I think it just needs more. For the mantle, I thinks the garland just needs to be thicker--maybe add 2 (or 3, depending on thickness) fake ones, and then come back and disperse the items you have throughout the garland. Also,(it's kind of hard to tell because the photos are smaller) you might need a bigger piece over both, the table and the mantle, like a large mirror. Can you take a photo father away that just shows the elements you want? As a last comment, I would try the dollar tree for ornaments for the tree--you don't need to have a whole lots of stuff, but maybe 3 or 4 things that you repeat throughout the tree will look great. Trust yourself--it's a work in progress, and you know what looks good! Check out Sheri @ Her tree looks really good, and was done for under $20. Might not be your style (color-wise), but it will spark some creativity. Sorry so long!!

Dayka said...

me again. just saw a good post over at

Mrs. Chic said...

You have a nice fireplace and mantle! I like the idea of staked logs in the fireplace or you could do candles think Young House Love...I like either idea.

As for the top of the mantle I adroe your wreath its perfect...I would take out the garland and replace it with stagering heights of candle holders in clear glass think Crate & Barrel Here's a link

Plus you could use those year round...I've seen cheaper versions at Target & Ross -

I know what ever you decide it will come together very nice!

Symone's Mommy said...

@Dayka - ooo, thanks for the links. you know I have to see it first to get my head around it.
Ms. Chic - i agree. that garland can go. will hit resale later for some taller candlesticks. Thanks, Ladies.

Adrianna said...

Here is what I think you should do over your fireplace.
I plan on doing this over my sofa. Plan...not one ornament has been pulled out yet.smh.
We don't plan on using our outdated, heat sucking, cold blasting fireplace. This is what I plan on doing but with lighter wood.
I love silver and gold mixed together, especially with turquoise.(To prove it, my room is done up with those colors)It always makes me think of Tiffany jewelry and boxes.

Let it Shine said...

Hey girly!
OK, drape the garland from both sides of your mantle, that will make it bigger. Hide the cord from the other wreath, and just start filling in the tree (which size wise, looks great by the way), even with your freebie fillers (aka stollen natural elements :))

I will call you tomorrow
Sat Is the DMN article, front page of the Guide Live Baby!!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

First off, I am loving your new color scheme! I think its so bold to break away from the traditional holiday colors. As for the wreath cord, do you have another vase that you could put in front of it and fill with flowers or glass ornaments to obstruct the view? Or what about a poinsettia - that should help hide some of the cord. That's always the hardest part of decor trying to figure out those pesky cords. Keep it, you have great taste and your home will come together!

Lianna Knight said...

I LOVE that penquin fireplace...I saw that on another blog too. So so pretty!!!

Check out our tree here...