Friday, January 22, 2010

Putting Myself on Blast

Now that I have officially taken ALL my Christmas decorations down, my house feels naked. It's like when I got a weave in college, then took it out. My house feels BALD! LOL

It has motivated me to get back to business. With that said, I am putting myself on blast and posting pics of my home office I started in October.

Since November I have kept the doors closed and tucked away supplies in the room and ignored it. No more.

Here's the current state:
Unfinished walls - Yes! Since October *sigh*

Orange silk tab top panels from Z Gallerie that will be used as a duvet and curtains. I changed my mind on the red and white. It was too cumbersome to decide on curtains and accesorries. I already had 4 panels of orange silk, inclucing some pillows. Price - FREE

Swatch of chocolate brown w/ turquoise and orange fabric. Will use this for a chair for desk and accent pillows.

Video of still unfinished desk - decided to leave dark so should be simple sand and stain. The lamp is a fab lamp from IBB that still has the tag on it for almost $200, but I bought at the Frisco resale for $24.99 *that stuff is under my desk because I was working on the floor - that's the best excuse i could think of :)

Stool from resale for $4.99. Will use as an ottoman/coffee table for daybed. Not sure if will cover completely or keep legs exposed. What do you think?
*the ladder is sideways on the floor because I was painting on my side on the floor- did it work this time? :)

Let's see how far I get on the office this weekend. Pray for me!


Mrs. Chic said...

Don't kick yourself too much it takes time to really plan how you want your room to look.

I like the color combo you choose - as for the stool - just recover the top and leave the feet showing it would look really cute painted.

Katelin & Shaun said...

Love the fabric:) As for the stool I like the idea of covering the legs but I'm sure whatever you come up with will look GREAT. Good Luck:)

Dayka said...

I like the color scheme. I also love the legs on the ottoman, but I think it will look great either way. Do you have a bed in there?

Symone's Mommy said...

@Dayka - yes, it is a twin bed I setting up like a day bed between the windows. I'll post more pics.

Adrianna said...

The colors you are using are so FABULOUS!! I love turquoise & orange together. The brown is really going make it all so rich!!