Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bargain Buys - Fall Clearance

Although I'm over fall and ready for Christmas/Winter decor, I've been wanting this teal ceramic pumpkin.
You know I'm allergic to full price *aa-choo* (see just thinking about it makes me sneeze!)

So when Annette called me and said Hobby Lobby just marked fall decor down to 80% off, I shut it down at work and headed over.

Also found these candles, another tapered candle and this candle holder:

Full-price total: $64.55 -- what I paid....$12.90! Oh, man...I love a good buy!


Erin said...

What a perfect little pumpkin! Love the color....and the price! Oh how I wish there was a Hobby Lobby by me!

Thanks so much for your comment on HoT! I checked out the website for Bobby Flay's and the menu looks INCREDIBLE. Delicious! Thanks for the recommendation!

Dayka said...

I think I'm allergic to full price, too, but unfortunately, sometimes you just gotta fork it over. Fortunately for you, this was not one of those times!

Let it Shine said...

I LOVE the acorn candle holder!!!

SO glad I didn;t know they went 80% off....although it would have been great to see you guys :)

Room to Inspire said...

Seattle NEEDS a Hobby Lobby! Love your finds, now all I can do is hope.