Monday, November 16, 2009

Inspiration Spotlight - Dreams of Perfection

I'd like to introduce my newest blog buddy, Adrianna, from Dreams of Perfection.

We are very similar in that we both have to draw from inspiration and are "struggling bloggist" and both love a good buy.

I also noticed from her most recent Inspiration post that she, too, seems to be lovin' on turquoise (or at least is drawn to decors w/ shades of turquoise/teal).

From theLennox

Check out her out sometime and welcome her to the blog fam! Thanks for following me, Adrianna. I need all the help I can get! :D


Dayka said...

How mad am I that you did this first???? (but good for Adrianna!) I actually have a post already written about her, but I didn't post it because I hadn't emailed her yet. Arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I do love her blog, though! So glad you posted this!

Adrianna said...

Thanks so much! I feel so appreciated :o) And yes I absolutely love turquoise, it's my weak spot. I love checking out your blog and Dayka's too. You both have an impecable sense of style. And I have to tell you,I can't wait to see your sofa redone. You would think it's coming to my house....which I wouldn't mind *wink*.