Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Old School

I know I said I'd slow down on thrifting until I start and finish some projects, but my baby wanted to know if the desk I just bought was for her. It's kinda like when you fix your child a plate of food then fix yours...they want to eat from your plate even though they have their own. (it always comes back to food for me LOL). Anyway, I told her we could share, but knew it was time to get her own. Blog Sis is giving her a vanity, but when I found this, couldn't resist.

I was very happy to come across an "old school" school desk that will be perfect for her to grow into. It is already a cute turquoise blue. Plan to paint to wood purple (of course) and stencil on flowers (or butterflies, even!).

Best was priced at $29.99 but I talked them down to $19.99. My first successful negotiation! Shine and Savvy would be proud.


Let it Shine said...

AHHHH! That is fantastic!!!
Where did you find it!?!?!?!?
She will look so cute coloring and doing homework there :)
You have to post "after" pics.
And I AM proud of you! Way to ask, hey, never hurts, worse they can say is no.
It is precious.

Symone's Mommy said...

Thanks, Shine! I love it, too. Working on it THIS weekend. I got it from CCA in The Colony. They have another on that is not wood, but still has potential. But didn't have to have two. I think one will make it even more special.

Judy said...

I always love a good trash-to-treasure find! My hubby and I love that kind of stuff!