Tuesday, September 15, 2009

(Not My)Pleasure Principle

What about this Craig's title was not clear?
Black TV stand - Great condition - $35

When a lady (an older lady, mind you) came to pick it up, she handed me $30 and looked me square in the face. Of course, I punked out. Looked down at money, looked up at her -- looking at ME like I'm Willy Foo-Foo -- then let it go. Had she been my age or younger, I would like to think I would have politely reminded her that it was listed in the post for $35.

I made that mistake once (when I met Shine and bought her chairs), but called from the car as soon as I realized and turned around and gave the difference.

Next time, I will remind of the price when they arrive. It was just $5, but it's the principle of the matter...right?

Question: What do you do when someone DELIBERATELY gives you less than you are asking?

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Symone's Mommy said...

One last nugget - I mentioned under my breath that should sell the TV that was on the stand. She asked how much. I said $40 (32"). She says I didn't bring much cash. Of course, Foo-Foo says "Well, if you take TODAY, can have for $30." She calls her sister and asks if she wants a 32" TV for $30. Said her sister wanted and would be here tomorrow to pick up.

*blank stare* what about TODAY didn't she understand? Emailing to tell her I changed my mind. Bump her...*sigh*