Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a Small (Blog) World...

I had the best blogging day today. I found some great chairs on Craigslist. I emailed the owner and very quickly arranged for me (and my blog sister) to come see them.

When we arrived, just a few blocks from my house, we immediately noticed the garage was faux finished to look like wood grain and the wreath on the door looked custom made. Blog Sis looked at me and said "Somebody is just like us." and we had a quick laugh.

When the seller opened the door, after I noticed the beautiful chairs, I looked up into the most beautiful and cozy, classy home I'd been seen in Frisco. That's when Martha Stewart, i.e. Blog Sis, looked at the owner and said..."Do you have a blog?".

She hesitantly said, "Yes." "Let it Shine?", asked Blog Sis. "Yes!" The rest is history. Not only was she Shine, but she had posted comments on both our blogs! It was like new friends who were old friends. We started comparing ideas (okay, I was being nosy). Her mom (the sweetest lady ever) started showing us around to see all of the blogger's awesome projects. Her daughter even gave Symone a sucker, which made them blood relatives.

I won't go on, but it was really cool to connect with someone who is nice and shares and interest. I am hopeful that we will all stay connected via our blogs and I hope to buy more of Shine's hand-me-downs :) Her house is AMAZING!

BTW -- I am SO out of my league with them, but they can be my mentors (Blog Sis already was, but she didn't know it).


Let it Shine said...

AHHHH! That is SO sweet! Thank you for such kind words! It was so nice to meet you - and hopefully we can keep in touch and bounce ideas off each other. Did Annette tell you I saw her at CCA today? Crazy! Next time y'all need a thrifting partner you know who to call! (or Hobby Lobby, garage sales, etc :))
Hannah just adored Symone! And my Mom will be so excited to see this post. AND yes you can do it all! :) I have seen your fab chair! I have faith!

L.Duncan said...

Now I have to hop over to let it shine's blog to see what she is working with. I will be sure to keep up with you too.