Monday, November 30, 2009

Pottery Barn Knock-Offs #2

When I saw this, I couldn't belive they charge $30 to $50 for some of these cylinders.
I set out to make a knock-off of this arrangement using glass cylinders I purchased from resale stores for no more than $1.99 each. Filler materials were mostly from the Dollar Tree.

Some of this was free (from box of yard sale stuff Annette didn't sell -- but don't tell her I'm using it.)
Total cost (less than $20):

Fake silver Poinsetta...white Dollar tree candles and jingle bells
(You see my silver acorns from Saturday's post?)

Real cranberries and clear liquid marbles from Dollar Tree. The angel thingie is something Annette gave my daughter, but I needed for height...a little fake snow inside and it's all good.

Grand Finale: Video entitled "Jazzy Knock-off"
Check me out at Kimba's DIY, DIY show-off & Reinvented & Home Body.

The DIY Show Off

This was fun! Hope you enjoyed!

Random Knock-off Wreath & Giveaway

If you don't already know, House of Turquoise is one of my very favorite blogs. I saw this and had to do it (sans the dogs - although very cute).

It was the perfect excuse for incorporating gold into my new holiday decor colors -- shades of turquoise and silver driven by all the stuff I bought last year at Hobby Lobby for 90% off.

Here We Go:
Supplies -
(almost all from Dollar Tree, except for wreath and 2 turquoise bell ornaments)
- Picture of inspiration picture within arm's reach - seriously, I looked at it 50 times easily
- Ribbon
- Ball ornaments (small gold, 2 large gold, 2 turquoise bells)
- Jingle bells (since putting on front door wanted a jingle)
- 3 Christmas picks (added because of golden apples and small pine cones)
- Feathers (I didn't add since refusing to buy any more items for holiday decorating)

2. Look at inspiration pic...Add balls to wreath with hooks or by sticking tip of a branch through the top. Push into wreath when you can to give embedded look.

check out inspiration pic on laptop

3. Look at inspiration pic...fold wire trimmed ribbon to add wavy effect. I folded like an accordian, then smoothed out into softer curves.

4. Check pic again...and add your own flavor, adjusting ornaments and foliage accordingly.

Final result - LOVES (and, yes, L. Duncan, I did it by myself AND I didn't even call Annette while doing it :P)

Giveaway details:
I am SO pleased with the Dollar Tree supplies, I'm giving away a $5 gift card (which IS a lot at the Dollar Tree) to one follower of this blog, who leaves a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen using and announced Wednesday, Dec. 3rd..
Check me out at Kimba's DIY party
The DIY Show Off
Next: My take on this -

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

One of my tips for bringing nature into your home was to "steal shamelessly".

Here's a pic of the tree on our campus at work that bares the beautiful acorns I steal pick up (and a bag of the loot). click to enlarge

I took them home. Let them dry (picked up on a rainy day...I have no shame) .

Spray painted silver and...Tah Dah. I think they are gorgeous!

Tips for prepping natural materials:
1. Dry - Make sure they are dry before your use to prevent rotting.
2. Clean - If they are dirty, brush lightly with an old toothbrush.
3. Let them breathe - Don't seal in air tight bag...they may rot.
4. Reinforce - If they have a top on them like these lovely nuts, use hot glue to reinforce if they break off (and they do).

Will use as filler in my Pottery Barn knock-off of this - scheduled for Tuesday.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Thought (Rant) of the Day

As I am putting up my holiday decor - working on another Pottery Barn knock-off (posts coming soon, if I can find my camera cord), I got to thinking...[begin rant]

Who decided that APPLE CINNAMON was the scent of the season?!
For real. I absolutely despise that smell! It is in every store. It's like someone put a pillow over my face when I walk in! Even the pines are scented - not with PINE but with apple cinnamon.

Why not vanilla? cranberry? sweet potato even? Seriously, apple cinnamon?!

If you had your choice, what would be YOUR preferred holiday scent? [rant over] Let me get back to Frebrezing these pine cones...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks...

...wishing All a peaceful and love-filled Thanksgiving holiday.

My Thanks:
  • I am thankful for an awesome God who provides for me in every way...enabling me to provide for others.
  • I am also growing more and more thankful each day to still have both my parents, who have been married 49 years in two weeks...a daily blessing.
I'd also like to share with you my favorite series of sermons from my church, Relationships Before There Was eHarmony. Applies to every relationship in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!
- Tash

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Martha Stewart Knock-Off - Wreath

In my quest to knock-off anything I can, I decided to do a wreath I saw on I loved the way the bulbs increased in size from bottom to top.

Check out my take on it.

1. I started with a 36" wreath I already had.

2. I wanted fuller so I put an 8" wreath inside and secured by twisting branches on inside of the larger wreath to brances on the outside of the smaller wreath.

Here's what it looked like afterwards.

3. Then I took miniature bulbs from Wally World and started tying to the wreath from the bottom.

4. I pulled leaves off sprays from a local craft store and started added* to the wreath.
*I just pulled the leaves off the tips and twisted onto wreath tips...some are just stuck in.

5. I mixed in medium bulbs at the middle then a few large ones at the top. I should have done this first, but, hey, I'm a rebel.

Here's how it came out.

I'm pretty pleased. What do you think?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fab Finds

I have recent rediscovered Horchow Finale, the Neiman Marcus Outlet. There's one minutes from my job, right across from my church.

I befriended the stock room guy and timed it twice this week when he was bringing stuff out. Check out what I found.
Note: (GetItGirl would lose her mind in this place! They have some sick furniture and lamps.)

Red Satin dress - Laundy by Shelli Segal - My price ~$100. Already wore to formal event last week. Wearing AGAIN to a formal event tonight. Getting my money's worth!

Wreath stand - Reg. $100; My price - $25
I got two. Much prettier in person. They are adjustable height. Big plans for using the two together to make a fireplace screen after the holidays (under the supervision of Annette)

Bangle mirror - Reg. $195, My price - $48 ($69 w/ 30% 0ff)

What they call a Cuttleries Holder with Dome - Reg. $80; My price - $20 ($28 w/ 30% off)
I'm planning to use this a holiday centerpiece...check me out here on 12/4

Gotta get back to weekend project work. Hope to have sumthin' completed to show next week *shrug*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tip of the Day

Remember my chair I just so proudly spray painted....
I left it RIGHT there for the last two days and guess what happened about 3 a.m.?! Hurricane Katrina hit the DFW (not really but may as well have been).

I work straight up, ran out into the rain barefoot in my gown to get my chair. Luckily, the paint was not affected, but the seat is saturated. Oh well, guess I'll have to completely redo.

Tip of the Day:
If you paint something outside -- bring it INSIDE when you finish.
The end.

My Latest Love

Yesterday, Annette posted about something she tells me ALL the time (ALLLLL the time!)...look in your closet and stick with what you like.

So when I saw these...

...*gasp* I decided to bring my love for leopard print shoes and accessories (not clothes*) into my home decor.
*disclaimer: Curvy girls like me should stay away from leopard clothing, but that's another post.

I ordered a set each of the high balls and doubles using 30% off Friend and Family code - Friends - that's good through today. I wanted to get maximum spottage so passing on the stem glasses :)

What do you love? Are you surrounding yourself with it?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Office Update - Accessories (Long Post Warning)

In an effort to once again put off painting the top of the walls in my office/guest room, I wanted to try out the turquoise spray paint I got to see if I want to accessorize in turquoise or red.

The desk in this pic is my inspiration (click to see larger). The plan was to spray paint this desk in a similar fashion, but you know I have commitment issues.

I played the "Let's just have fun and see where this goes" card and decided to start w/ the $4.99 chair instead just to see the color.

Side note: The desk I got for Symone's room for $5 has similar legs. May use it instead.
LiquidDeglosser (keeps from having to sand before painting)
Spray paint
Sandpaper (to distress if desired)

Step 1: Rub deglosser on with a rag (or a torn piece of jersey pajama pants).
Notice the chair is cracked. I need some Gorilla Glue, but will fix later.

Step 2: Spray paint (no pic).
Spray Painting Tip:
- Use short strokes (bursts of paint) in direction of grain to avoid dripping.
- If drips, you can 1) let it dry then sand later and touch up; 2) do what I did - rub drip with finger and lightly spray over.

Here's the outcome with one coat (and a flower courtesy of Symone - my flower child). Can't wait to find a fab fabric.
Love how can still I see the dark finish on edges and carvings. Has worn, distressed look even without sandpaper. Don't think I'll do another coat.

Also, did these. They have cute detailing in the corners.
Tried to sand the detailing so they stand out, but it didn't work well since are metal. Will rub and wipe some stain or gold rub and buff over them tomorrow and see how it looks.

Final Thought: Very pleased with today's work. Feeling very accomplished. Now to put it all together (and finish painting)...hmmphh.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They're Here!!!

My curtains from Horchow (in Antique Gold) came today!

Here they are with the fabric swatches on top...LOVES! So fab and luxurious...
BUT, Annette has me thinking about whether they are too formal for family room.

Where will they end up? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bargain Buys - Fall Clearance

Although I'm over fall and ready for Christmas/Winter decor, I've been wanting this teal ceramic pumpkin.
You know I'm allergic to full price *aa-choo* (see just thinking about it makes me sneeze!)

So when Annette called me and said Hobby Lobby just marked fall decor down to 80% off, I shut it down at work and headed over.

Also found these candles, another tapered candle and this candle holder:

Full-price total: $64.55 -- what I paid....$12.90! Oh, man...I love a good buy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pottery Barn Wanna-Be's

I saw these in the Pottery Barn catalog while at the car dealership Saturday...

Then I remembered I purchase two very similar lanterns at a local resale store a couple of weeks ago for $1.99 each.

- Get lanterns out of trunk (yes, from two weeks ago).
- Get big *#@ acorns out my car door that I picked up off the ground at work.
- Shop the house for random candles.

Voila...Pottery Barn Wanna-Be(s) - all I need now is some fake snow!