Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, No She Di-int!

Since Annette called me out yesterday about always saying something needs to be distressing, but having never distressed ANYTHING...I have put on my game face.

My weekend To-Do List:

  1. Paint and distress at least ONE dining room chairs
  2. Finish rubbing on stick-on saying on foyer wall.
  3. Finish painting home office and post pics.
  4. Finish foyer and post pics.
  5. Buy Halloween candy before it gets dark tomorrow LOL

Wish list:

  1. Decide on how to finish latest unfinished project.
  2. Go to fabric store and make final selections for couch.
  3. Add fabric to curtains in Symone's play room.
  4. Hit up resale stores for accessories.
  5. Find curtains/fabric for office.
  6. Find a blog background that really reflects my style (tongue in cheek).
  7. Schedule blog post for any progress I make...I pray for progress!
  8. CLEAN UP! (last on list, of course).

Will I deliver?


L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

This picture is too funny!

Dayka said...

Girl, you have a FULL weekend! I'm feelin' the new background, and I love the inspiration photo for your office--so pretty. I'm excited to see your post on Monday. Have a great weekend, and be safe!