Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dining Room Update

Remember my empty living room pic I used to have at the top of the blog?

I am working on this space this weekend and thought it could use an update. Have more pics on Annette's camera to upload this weekend on the rest of the house.

Here's an update:
1. Table purchased ($29.99)

2. Silk Curtains from previous home - they are hanging a crooked mess*...working on that this weekend. (From Z. Gallerie about 5 yrs ago)

*just pulled those suckers down...will post replacements soon)

3. Chairs purchased ($60.00 for all 4, one side arm, 3 reg.) - recovered one w/ some left over fabric.

Will recover and edge w/ nail head eventually when I find some fabric I love.

4. Using entry way table as side bar ($99 from local furniture store tent sale, reg. ~$400)

5. Scones from Bombay for previous house. Not sure if will use these, but thinking they could be used instead of lamps. Looking for a nice mirror to hang over table.

6. Antique Silver pieces from estate sale ($30)

Still need to accessorize, but it's coming along, huh?

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